At Crosby we are interested in British homebuilding. We are an interest group dedicated to the changing face of British domestic architecture and how it differs in towns, cities and counties nationwide.

Among our interests are the grand buildings which one can see within National Trust and English Heritage properties. The sheer grandeur of such buildings can be seen in how iconic the likes of Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle are and how frequently large houses appear in period dramas on television.

We are also interested in smaller dwellings too, such as cottages and bungalows and the history attached to each of these buildings. It is very interesting to see how these different buildings have passed hands over the years.

At Crosby Homes we’re interested in all things to do with the changing face of domestic dwellings.

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Crosby Homes, property for sale in the UK

Welcome to Crosby Homes

Stylish property, affordable rents

Crosby Homes aims to provide homes for rent which are attractive, well maintained and ideally situated close to city centres and commercial districts. A professional team working hard to provide stylish quality accommodation which remains affordable to people in employment. Crosby will work with a range of partners to meet the specific needs of potential clients from mixed tenure developments to key worker provision.

Who are we?

Crosby Homes was established in 2009 as the market rent subsidiary of GHD Group, we provide homes that are attractive, well maintained and situated close to a wide range of commercial, retail and leisure facilities. Many of our properties are located within easy reach of vibrant city centres. As the commercial subsidiary Crosby allows RDS Home Group to offer a variety of options in meeting the overall needs within the housing market. Crosby is not a RSL and is able to bring a range of options either independently or in co-operation with the RSL divisions of the group

We are willing to work with a range of partners to explore new opportunities and variety of sources to develop new products in the future including:

  • Direct development on small to medium sized projects
  • Regeneration projects particularly bringing unused buildings back into use as in our Grainger Town portfolio
  • Section 106 projects where the local authority is aiming for a range of provision outside the traditional definition of social housing for example Waterloo Apartments
  • Projects which are complementary to the overall strategic aims of the group and the ability to provide mixed income and balanced communities


Target Locations

We have a critical mass in the North East of England and will continue to build upon this base seeking new opportunities whilst trading existing units where appropiate. We have also identified three other key areas.

  • Yorkshire - building upon our existing stock holding in the region, and working in conjunction with Home Housing, we are looking at a number of possibilities. This will allow us to achieve a similiar critical mass in this region, thereby achieving economies of scale and allowing the effective in-house management and maintenance of the portfolio.
  • Edinburgh - we aim to work closely with Home in Scotland to help them meet their strategic aims, and to incorporate within their submissions for large-scale projects a broad range of product type, tenure and income categories.
  • South East and Midlands - we will participate in opportunities in other locations where they are linked to strategic initiatives undertaken by the Group, including the Communities Plan.
  • Kent, Surrey and London click here


Looking for Rented Property?

We offer a range of services and seek to provide a package which remains affordable but allows total peace of mind. Properties are available fully furnished, part furnished or with additional services to meet your specific requirements.

Our Approach to Tenants

We are customer focused and seek to provide a first class level of service in all aspects. Rent levels typically start from 400.00 per calendar month and our properties are ideal for:

  • Transient and Relocating staff
  • Key Workers and NHS staff
  • Active Elderly
  • Post Graduate Students
  • Households which are restructuring

Experience the Crosby Lifestyle: Stylish city centre apartments just a short walk from the shops, restaurants and bars. Come and experience this vibrant lifestyle.